• The Yearbook Course is an interdisciplinary course that teaches project management, business, leadership, photography, journalism, and graphic design. Students will create and execute a project plan to develop and produce a product they will sell: the 2015 Logos International School Yearbook, in time for delivery in the Spring.

  • Begin learning the engineering skills needed to build a technology startup from the ground up. This isn't just a 'make your own web page', but a deep look at the technologies behind today's successful tech businesses.

    We'll be looking at things like:
    • Frameworks (emphasizing AngularJS)
    • Building a single page application (SPA)
    • Working with a REST API
    • Virtual Machines, IAAS, Unix/Linux command line, text editors
    • Version control with git
    If none of that makes any sense, that's okay! We'll cover it all and more. Beginners are encouraged! After learning the fundamental languages of the Web, students will be coached in developing a single page web app. Along the way we'll watch interviews, look at case studies and maybe get a chance to visit some entrepreneurs living and working in Phnom Penh.
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science

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  • Programming and Design introduces students to concepts related to programming.  Students will explore basic programming constructs and solve problems using programming.  Students will also develop projects using the software development life cycle and learn project management techniques.  Throughout the course, students will also look at the effects of technology on society.

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  • Students will explore concepts related to designing, building, programming, and testing robots throughout the course.  In particular, students will look at these concepts through various themes including the history of robotics, how robotics and society, experimentation, and the future of robotics.  Students will express their learning through various technologies as well as written documentation of the design process.

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